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have you considered removing the yellow filters

I tried a cheap mod and has worked fine for some 3 years now. On the '86 300E I removed the yellow filters from the Fogs
and aimed the lights lower. Without the filter the light output is much better. In addition I aimed the main headlamps just a tad higher, and now use both beams to complement each other (one over the other, instead of the original aiming setup which overlapped)

I left the same H3 bulb in the fogs but used what at the time was the britest 9004 I found (Piaa something) on the main beams. Soon after that I decided to replaced the headlamp doors which also helped alot with the fogs. Someone had warned me that I would melt the plastic doors by taking the filters off, but nothing of that sort has happened. Perhaps the lifespan of the doors might be reduced in the long run, but by that time you can upgrade to the euros.

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