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83 240D Vacuum system doesnt work--Vacuum element failure in doors?

I stripped off all the interior panels and trim from the car's interior so I could get at the Vacuum Lines. Need less to say my carpool wsnt thrilled about this in 10 degree weather.
The System works fine up to the Front Driver side door.
I isolated the driver side off the car by plugging the lines running over to the passenger side at the Tees near the front seat.
When I lifted the Driver side front door lock up and down I could see a faint response in the driver side backdoor. The rear driver side lock locks correctly in response to my locking the front door driver lock but does not unlock.
There is a lot of binding in the driver side rear door locking mechanism and it takes some force to raise that rear driver side lock.
I am suspecting the large vacuum element that runs the rear door lock. Is it worn out and does this happen in older 240D's.?
A lot of fellow owners tell me that their vacuum locks no longer work
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