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camshaft bearing torque HELP!

hello folks

i have a problem. i'm replacing the cam in my 88 420sel. i just can't get the socket head 10mm bolts to break free. this is what i have done so far.

1. after making the 8mm socket tool i tried using a long handle 1/2" drive rachet but could not break the bolt loose.

2. then i tried a 150 lb standard torque wrench. had it to 100 ft lbs and nothing.

3. then i tried a 3/8" drive impact gun. not an air drive rachet but a small 3/8 drive gun and nothing

4. then i tried a 1/2" drive impact gun (250 ft lbs rated) nothing

5. then i got my craftsman clicker torque wrench set at 150 ft lbs and i finally broke the 8mm allen wrench shaft. twisted it right off.

other things i've done.

checked the torque in the book. cylinder head bolts are 60 nm (60 x .738 = 44.3 ft lbs)

camshaft bearing towers call for 50 nm (50 x .738 = 36.9 ft lbs)

checked for a left hand thread in the book and nothing mentioned so i assume std right hand threads meaning ccw to remove.

in prep to tear this engine apart to do the rails i discovered it had already been done. car has 143k. so that means it has been worked on in it's past. what i am afraid of is that who ever worked on this car might have had to take the heads off and in assembling it did not use an anti-seize compound on the bolts and may have galled the block and the threads.

i tried several bolts and they all seem to be stuck the same. has anybody got a suggestion on what i'm doing wrong. i'm no rookie when it comes to motors and such. but i've never encountered a bolt i could not undo
Thanks Much!

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