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The Tootsie Roll is Saved!

A couple of months ago I posted my 1980 300SD for sale here on the Forum....things were pretty tough at my company (software) and sales were slim....looked like some things would have to change. I could never bring myself to actually put the car up for sale anywhere else and have been holding out. Long story short, I was offered a different position at work that doesn't rely on commissions (woohoo!) and they threw some cash my way.....thank god I didn't sell my car!!!! To celebrate, I ordered a new dash (ok, a new old dash) from John Marshall in WA and that will complete the interior restoration.

Thanks for all of your help over the last year....and the encouragement from some of you when it looked like my Tootsie Roll would have to go. Now I can keep sinking money into it like I have been.....:p :p

Long Live the 116s!!!!!!!!
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