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Neil Richardson
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Old memories and gas

Originally posted by amg kodiak
And this in Sunnyvale, it is about 10 - 20 cents more in some areas.

~dnm [/B]
Hi amgkodiak.

The last time I was in Sunnyvale, Lockheed had already sold of lots of land. Office blocks were going up everywhere. The 'Pacific Fresh' and 'Charlie Brown's' restaurants had already been closed. I spent about 7 months over a 5 year period (Sep '97 - Jun '01) working in the 'Blue Cube'. Have they finished the rail link to SF yet?

On my first trip out a colleague and I were looking at the map and we thought we would go for a drive. Sacramento looked interesting so off we went. We did Sunnyvale/Sacramento/Sunnyvale in a day, but oh boy not again. Talk about a long drive!!
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