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A nifty way to save information from this site!

For you not so savvy computer literate people, this is how you can store the information you read in a post and may want to access it at a later time without having to do a search or trying to remember where did I see that post on timing chain... etc. etc.
Here goes:
First, RIGHT click with the mouse on the post you are reading, anywhere at all.
Next, click on "view source" (html source code)
Another box will come up, look for "save in" at the top of this box. ( I have typed in Mercedes Information as a folder on my desktop). Call it whatever you choose.
Next, near the bottom of the same box, you will see "file name"- whatever is there, make it blank by clicking on it and deleting it.
Now, type in a brief description, like, replace timing chain.html ( You must always add .html after your description to SAVE it properly. If you forget, start over).
Last step: directly to the right of where you typed the brief description, you will see a box which will change to "save" as you move your mouse over it. Click on it and it will be saved for future reference in whatever folder you originally chose.

I apologize to those of you who already know how to do this, but there are plenty of people who need a little help now and then with computer stuff as well as fixing and diagnosing their Mercedes. Hope I explained this okay- I'm not a great instructor. It's very easy after you do it a few times, like most things on a computer. Hope this has been helpful, Any problems with steps like setting up a folder, etc. e-mail me. I'll walk you through it. Let me know if this helps.
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