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Confused here by all these different "fixes" discussed on the wheel lights. Seems like some are talking 124 versus 210. I have a 210.

I too have one of my "thumbwheel" vent lights out on the drivers side vent.

Where is this light located? What part is required?

BTW: The shifter wood replacement is easy on 210s. I had a chip in mine from prior owner or mech not knowing how to remove it. I bought a new one plus PRINDL piece (plastic had become brown from light burn) + light (the shifter light under PRINDL went out) [total $303]. Was easy to replace but the only tricky thing was working on the "child-safety" switch for the rear windows that had gotten messed up.

Total time to do all of it was about 2 hours and that included a 30 min break to talk with new single neighbor with a question about her car
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