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Odd Transmission slip - HELP!!! 92 190e

Ok the car is a 92 190e 2.6

Here is the situation

Car drives around all week normally, I spend the weekends at my fiancee's home in NYC, so the car stays parked for 2 days straight.

Car starts fine, but leaving the garage there is a right turn up to about a 30 degree incline, you have to roll up this hill while accelerating from a dead stop (merging into traffic)

For two weeks in a row now, the trans feels like its slipping horribly getting rolling up the hill. The engine climbs to 4k+ rpm, and the car feels like it jerks forward, sort of like pulsating up the hill, with 3-4 jerks forward, and once it gets past that it is fine. Drives the 80 miles home, trans feels fine.

Around town during the week I never experience any slipping, or abnormal shifts, except for a rather staught 2-3 shift when the car is cold and trying to hold on to 2nd gear in the morning.

Any ideas on what could be causing this specific situation.

What to look at first? All help appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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