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Absolutely correct on all points! I spent many years overseeing radiation, chemical, and biohazard safety, as well as sitting on various safety committees, Industrial Hygiene boards, and accident review committees. ALWAYS the injured were people who gave lip service to safety, but:
1: I was in a hurry.
2: I've done this before with no problem.
3: The rules are too strict and expensive.
4: I didn't want to look like a sissy.
5: I didn't think about this situation.
6: etc. ad infinitum.

At a reactor, a plumber or electrician must review the plans of a critical part being serviced in advance, and demonstrate the repair process to his manager in advance, and get safety approval in advance. These people spend 20-40% of their time standing watches on training simulators with supervisors occasionally throwing unlikely accidents at them, and STILL unexpected accidents happen.

Moral: Plan in advance, think through your actions, don't work while drinking or hung over or tired, make sure you have enough light, ventilation, etc., and you will be a safer worker. Also, you may find yourself doing a better job - the most safety conscious people at the university usually had the reputation of doing the best work!

End of sermon. Enjoy our cars!!!

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