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bolt torque

thanks gentlemen for your replies.

I've been thinking about this today and I guess even if a MBZ mechanic was working on this they'd run into the same problem as i have now.

I know one thing i'll do when i get to work in the morning i'm going to make another tool except i will shorten the hex arm to be just long enough to fit correctly in the socket head bolt. the shorter that arm is the less twisting of the shaft there will be thus exerting more of the torque i am applying with a gun or wrench. this twisting would have dampened the blows from the air impact guns i used.

rato: the book mentioned regarding the rear tower that the tower must have the bolt in it already when "introduced" to the engine. this sounds like your description. you've probably already tried that. but the book was on my 420/560 type and i could see what they meant. also perhaps pulling the cam out of the journal before removing the rear tower might be another way.

ctaylor : I think your experience with the pipe will probably be the solution. I was reluctant to do this saturday nite until i had time to think it over and hear from the forum.

the tool i will build tomorrow will have bar stock for the body length rather than hex key. i will make it as thick as possible allowing just enough space for the body to slip down the side of the cam bearing towers. then i'll bring out the big guns 3/4" inch drive tools.

thanks guys for your input. i'm going to watch this post till tomorrow aftn. then i'm going with the "brute force and ignorance" let it snap approach. I'm sure my problem was probably with the tool i was using. i made it like the one in the book.

any more replies with be greatly appreciated.
tks much
Thanks Much!

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