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Bulb failure warning light problem


My bulb failure warning light has shown some strange behaviour. For some time it has come on intermittently (when I have sidelights / headlights on), often soon after starting the car in the mornings, and then switching off after 5 or 6 miles. Now it turns on when I have the lights on, and stays on. But there are no problems with the lights - all bulbs are working at full brightness.

I have checked the bulbs and they seem to be correctly seated. The bulb holders appear to be clean and dry, and the connectors properly connected (though I admit I have not made very careful checks for corrosion). I've also checked the fuses, and they all seem OK.

Is there some sort of control module that might be at fault? The owner's manual suggests that there is such a module, but does not say where it could be.

Help much appreciated!


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