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Unhappy W202 C180 stalling

I own a 1995 W202 C180 (Chassis last six digits 265072). Once the car reached 100,000km, it stalled on a few occasions. The engine restarted easily. In addition, there were a few occasions when the SRS airbag light would take a few minutes to go off.

A "trial" fuel pump was installed (used part, but apparently still useful) before I would commit to purchase a new fuel pump. The trial fuel pump fixed the problems for a fortnight. However, the problems started to recur. Having read the various threads in this forum, I planned to replace the fuel pump, fuel pump relay, and the OVP. I would be grateful if someone would advise me on the following:

1. The OVP in my car is coded 201 540 37 45. According to consensus in this forum, OVP coded 000 540 52 45 should be replaced with the two-fuse 000 540 67 45. Should I use the 000 540 67 45 or stick with 201 540 37 45?

2. The fuel pump in my car is coded 000 470 49 94. I have been quoted for a 000 470 63 94. Should I get that or stick with 000 470 49 94

3. The fuel pump relay in my car is coded 001 542 96 19. I plan to get that one, unless there is a better/newer version I should get.

Thanks in advance.


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