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.......From what I hear that is also true Mick.....however the value of the Rand in real terms negates what advantage we may have. Fillet steak has shot up to R100 / kg (7.14 pounds sterling). Decent beer is now R 12 and Guiness is R 14. But with the average working man's salary being about R 10,000 / month......

...Well the tests show that the residue fluid in the turbine chamber does not mix at all well with Bee's wax, so to get optimum performance at the high end I shall have to get the durned thing off and drain it completely before injecting more wax.

It was a good test this weekend which was hovering on 36 deg C (in the shade) on Sunday. During a simulated crawl (locked in 2nd gear) through a game reserve which is about the worst over-heating test one can endure, it never exceeded 100 Deg with the AC on. If I can better this by draining all the fluid out, it will be worth-while in touch.

I am looking at fitting a manual switch for the aux fan in front of the radiator for emergencies. Would you know which of the temperature switches on the front of block puts this on ?????
It does not appear to be the single one, (I bypassed this...nothing happened) but the connections on the double operating switch are not very obvious, and I am too much a born again coward to play Russian roulette.

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