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So one thing I did since switching to HPR is I advanced the injection pump as far as it would go. It was already advanced a few degrees prior to this. I have no idea how far the stock slots in the OM603 allows it to go. It sounds slightly more diesely at idle but still not as loud as #2 diesel. Debating doing the same on the slow as death 97 E300 non turbo.

So far since switching to HPR my fuel consumption has been 35.6, 35.7 and 33.5mpg (2300 miles driven) which is the low end of my long term fuel consumption but I have been doing a lot more short trips than I used to. According to Neste Oil's data, advanced timing can make up for the lower BTU of renewable diesel. We'll see about that but that. The benefits of this fuel far outweigh any lost in fuel economy.
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