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Rooster300sd-I have changed the fuel filters right before I used the HPR the first time. A couple of miles driving with the HPR is when I noticed the lack of power, hiccup, rough idling. So then I changed the fuel filters again thinking they were clogged. There was no change. After all the HPR was used, I then filled my tank with B99 and within a few miles, the idle was now smooth, no hiccups, awesome power! I then ran that tank of B99 almost dry before I filled up with HPR again and again changed out the fuel filters and again, within a few miles, hiccuping, rough idle, no power. Now this is the 2nd time using HPR and same results as the 1st. When my fuel tank had 1/4 left of HPR, I filled with D2 and didn't change my fuel filters. Within a few miles of D2, the idle was smooth, no hiccups, and the power is back! I would love to use HPR but for some reason it doesn't work well with my motor. I am getting my injectors serviced by greazzer with some Bosio nozzles in the next couple of days. So after when I get my new injectors, I will try HPR again, hopefully with better results!
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