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Originally Posted by ffgb View Post
Rooster300sd-I have changed the fuel filters right before I used the HPR the first time. A couple of miles driving with the HPR is when I noticed the lack of power, hiccup, rough idling. So then I changed the fuel filters again thinking they were clogged. There was no change. After all the HPR was used, I then filled my tank with B99 and within a few miles, the idle was now smooth, no hiccups, awesome power! I then ran that tank of B99 almost dry before I filled up with HPR again and again changed out the fuel filters and again, within a few miles, hiccuping, rough idle, no power. Now this is the 2nd time using HPR and same results as the 1st. When my fuel tank had 1/4 left of HPR, I filled with D2 and didn't change my fuel filters. Within a few miles of D2, the idle was smooth, no hiccups, and the power is back! I would love to use HPR but for some reason it doesn't work well with my motor. I am getting my injectors serviced by greazzer with some Bosio nozzles in the next couple of days. So after when I get my new injectors, I will try HPR again, hopefully with better results!
In the Neste documentation on page 1 of this thread they warn against mixing HVO and biodiesel. It doesn't mix as well as regular diesel and can cause solids to precipitate out of the biodiesel. Even tho you ran down as close to empty as possible, theres got to be some mixing going on in your tank. Both you and rooster have run some form of biodiesel or WVO through the fuel system. Maybe try running a couple of tanks of regular #2 diesel to flush the fuel system before switching from biodiesel to HPR vice versa.
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