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tjts1-The only fuel I ever used before I used the HPR for the first time was D2. When I had the B99 in, I ran that until the the engine died. My car wouldn't start because the tank was empty so I had a jug of Diesel Kleen in the trunk that I used to limp the car to the Propel Station. I think on the Neste site, it states to not use more than 7% biodiesel to Renewable Diesel. I want to say after I filled up with HPR to the top of the filler neck, I had less than 1% of B99 in the tank, the prior B99 that was in there mixed with the Diesel Kleen and was consumed while I limped to Propel Station. I understand about the mixing with HPR and Biodiesel, but I don't think that was the issue here. I honestly think it has to do with the injection timing. I think after I get my injectors serviced and the timing chain replaced so the injection timing is closer to factory spec, then I will be able to use HPR. I only get the hiccuping at idle and misfiring when I initially accelerate, it then smooths out at around 2.5-3K rpm when turbo boost starts to build. On the freeway, the HPR runs good at higher rpms.
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