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I should also have mentioned that a few years ago, I increased the injection injection timing in both my 1984 & 1985 300D from the factory (~24 deg BTDC) to ~27 deg BTDC, using the "start of delivery" method, by rotating the top of the IP slightly closer to the block. I couldn't judge it closer than +/-1 deg. That was with D2. It was supposed to increase performance and mileage slightly, at the expense of increased roughness at idle, but I can't say I noticed a difference in either.

The earlier timing is supposed to help w/ Diesel HPR, so that could be another factor. If ffgp's timing is still at the factory 24 deg BTDC, then I doubt it would be noticeable. But, if his timing had drifted near borderline, say 20 deg, then HPR might push it "over the edge". I expect that IP timing would grow more delayed as chains wear, but don't know.
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