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Hi All,

I just got back from a trip to S.F. from OC. I had a pit stop near mid-way, I hopped back into my car when I started the engine it wouldnt start but made a really fast clicking noise and the interior light flickered on and off according to the clicking noise. I tried it a couple of times then it finally started. I got into the car and heard a clicking noise (which I never heard before) the clicking noise would be intermittent between 4-6 seconds. It seemed like it came from inside the glove compartment. When I got to SF I checked in at the Moorpark, then went back to the car to get a couple of things. When I popped the trunk, the handle did not come out, the trunk did not suck back in, then I tested the electronics inside the car. The car doors car does suck in, the one touch window function does not work, the window does not go down when I open the door, the trunk button does not work and the lock/unlock button does not work.

I think this is the cause of one malfunctioned part.

Please help. BTW my baby is a S500 coupe.

Thanks so much
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