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W123 1979 240D

My fan switch and/or the attached flap cable control have frozen up. I need to replace one or both. (From what I have been told, I suspect the cable.) But first, I need to get it apart.

I am now where I have access to the end of the cable where it attaches to a lever in the heater box. That lever and pin are plastic and I sure don't want to break that. However, I can't get the cable off of the pin. Is there a technique for removing the cable? I have been very careful about applying too much pressure.

At the other end, where the cable attaches to the fan switch, there is only about a 3/4 inch space between the top of the radio compartment and the panel where the switch is mounted to try to get the connector loose. So far I haven't managed that either. Am I going to have to remove the entire center console to be able to get to that?

One last question: the end of the cable at the heater box is vertical. Is there any percentage to injecting some penetrating oil there?

Thanks for your help.

Well, this doesn't seem to be a very popular post. Donnie, M.B.DOC, haven't you ever had to replace one of these cables or switches? Are there no answers to these questions?

1979 240D

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