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Oil problem

I have a question, and all of you know much more than me.. I have a slight oil drips a bit, and i figured, no big deal, as long as I keep putting oil in it and getting it changed regularly. Well, I was poking about under the hood today, and noticed that the air intake duct was dripping oil. Upon closer inspection, the air cleaner and filter was sopped in oil. It pooled in the inner grooves of the air cleaner tray. Do you know what might have caused this, how I fix it, and a rough estimate? thanks to all those who can help.

another question.....anyone know where i can get a chrome shiftgate sourround that fits a 190 E 2.3 1987 for less that $80?
1987 190 E 2.3 8v (120,000 miles, daily driver)

-16" slk wheels
-clear corner lenses
-Alpine headunit
-Infinity Kappa speakers
-Infinity Basslink
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