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installing bearing races

Use a bearing/bushing driving adapter they come in kits with many different sizes or use the brass drift. It will not harm the race. Using the old bearing race is also a good method it evenly distributes the load. It will not damage the new race. You shouold feel a great difference in the 'resistance' when the race bottoms in the bore and the sound will change sharply.
I presume you are changing the bearings as well. Be sure not to overgrease them as they will then overheat. Tighten them up until the hub is hard to turn(rotating it all the while, then back off until it's free, then tighten just until it starts to tighten up again.

I found it helps a lot when removing the front brake rotor from the hub to mount the tire with 3 lugs and hold the tire to keep the hub from rotating. Use blue thread lock on the old bolts.

I would not recomend trying to remove and reinstall the ball joints in the spindle without the special press tool for this job. The ball joint sits at an angle and you cannot drive it. Easy way to ruin the spindle and new ball joint.
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