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Originally posted by artpb
What's the big deal folks. We have had 26 days in a row with snow here in Buffalo. We don't look at it and talk about it. Like a fine car with problems, we deal with it.

Godd luck and remember snow is for kids of any age. Make the best of it.
I know what ur saying. I grew up in CLE, OH ( lake effect anybody? LOL ) and spent plenty of fun wkends skiing in western NY and even up in Quebec. I can deal with it but like George says, this area isn't used to, or prepared, for this kind of wallop.

I have to tell you tho that I like living in the mid-atlantic area alot better in that the sun actually shines on a fairly regular basis compared to CLE, Buffalo, Detroit etc. You can go for weeks without seeing the sun out there. I don't miss that at all. It's depressing.
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