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Unless there's a blockage in the molded piece high up, the a/c drain line's fine. I don't know if other cars use this, but the 123 cars had a short styrofoam hose going from a nipple (this is part of the box that the evaporator's in, I presume) to an outlet point that allows the water to exit to the top of the tranny. I replaced that styrofoam hose with the top of a quart oil bottle (I figure it'll last longer ), so I think it's safe to say that that part's okay. There could be a blockage up higher, but I tried poking up the nipple with a toothpick, and it felt free...but, again, I didnt' get all the way up in there.

I haven't had the a/c going for a long time as of late, but last I checked before, it was draining definitely was the day I bought the car, and I had that problem on the drive that night.

BTW, compared to Texas last July, the Bay Area's very dry. The system has been doing this regardless of how humid or dry it's been outside. It even did this in the Mojave Desert last Christmas...and that area's one of the driest places around (real close to Death Valley). So, I don't think it's normal.

Also, if it is the heater core, has anyone had any luck with fixing them? I just went over to Fastlane to check on teh price for a new one, and almost fell out of my chair...
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