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Sorry to come late to the party - this thread really ought to be over in the SL section too.

Anyway, I had this done last summer, and as Gilly said, the campaign still is active for the 450's. I have heard of 380's being covered, but it usually involves a fight. 560's AFAIK never have been covered.

You should be able to go to your dealership, let them run the information, and verify that you are eligible for the campaign. However, the service reps at my local dealership:

1. Were not particulary interested in helping someone with a 25 year old car (admittedly it does sound crazy to talk about a recall after 25 years of service)

2. Could not figure out how to make my old style 14 digit VIN work in their system (they claimed that there was more to it than sticking "WDB" in front of it).

3. Decided my car was a Euro, and therefore not in their system (my gosh, can they see those headlights and bumpers???)

Anyway, they insisted that they couldn't help me. Therefore, I sent a copy of my registration to MBNA, and in about a week they sent me a voucher to take to the dealer. It turns out there actually were TWO active recalls on my car, the other one involved the throttle. Anyway, once presented with the paperwork they went ahead and did the work at no cost. Funny thing is that after all that I already had the updated subframe.

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