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cold start problem m104

ref: '93 300E-2.8 M104 engine

this has happened to me on occasion a few times but this winter it has been fairly often. the symptoms only appear when it has been in the 30's (F) or colder and only when the car has been sitting for around 12 hrs or so - usually overnight. if it doesn't catch on the first couple of turns it will stumble and not start easily. after further cranking of about 4-5 seconds, it will catch, stumbling a little bit then smooth out immediately. subsequent starts will then be ok. i tend not to look at the OVP as the problem because it is a cold start issue. my search has not turned up anything aside from OVP and cold weather valves. does my car even have a cold weather valve? i am going to replace the fuel filter soon - is there anything else to check?
1993 300e-2.8
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