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first of all, thank you for the nice write-up. It has given me a lot of motivation in doing my chain ( 91 560 SEL 145,000 miles with original chain rails ...i was told). I have some questions for my clarification.

1. You mentioned i needed (6) pivot pins ( page 15), however you showed (2) for the RHS flat side rails ( page 17), (1) for the tensioner rail ( page 20), and (4) on the drivers side (page 33) - which make it a total of 7. can you clarify?

2. Removing the pins appear to be a difficult task. I find it difficult to imagine how your home made pin puller works (page 22). It looks like the pins have female threads on them ( page 23). do you pull them out ( straight out), or do you need a turning motion while pulling them out?

3. Do I replace the guides and rails first before replacing the chain? or does it matter?
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