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560SEL Self Leveling Suspension

I have over the last few months been replacing components on the rear suspension, I just replaced the Self-Leveling Pump (new FEBI Bilstien OEM) mounted to the engine, but the rear is still not working. So far I replaced both rear nitrogen chambers (Lemforder OEM), rear valve (new MB OE), sway bar links, both rear accuators/shocks (Sachs OEM), filter/fluid. the rear is still not working. When I open the fluid chamber I can see a stream of fluid coming into it (I also saw that with the old pump installed) so I assume there are no clogged lines. When I open the bleed valve on the rear level valve a good stream of fluid comes out and it is not "foamy". I dont think I have anymore components left to replace, except the rear springs and the fluid lines. There are no fluid leaks and the res. level does not go down. After I replaced the pump yesterday I went to the rear Level Valve Disconected it from the sway bar and moved the lever up and down with no effect of the rear height.

What is left to fix.



1988 560SEL 182k Desert Taupe / Brown
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