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Well, I have to agree that you'd want to think long and hard about buying !anything! that you'd be paying off for 5-7 years. And that I will.
What I find most interesting, is that I can balloon a starmarked used car. For me, that is the option and the way to go when, and only when, the decision is made to upgrade my existing set of wheels.
Though I would love to, I can't afford, or justify spending 60K on the 320 E with all the options!..Besides, the 320E doesn't have the nav system for some reason.?!?! and I really want a nav system!!.
So, what I'm looking for is a newer model 30-35K car with 40K miles and a 3 year starmark with lots of options and power. Again, when I decide to do the thing, having the option of keeping my payments under $200 vs. $450 (with large downpayment) will really make the decision easier.
So, thanks so much for all your help!
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