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What is "the resistor"? My 84 & 85 have a "temperature switch" that screws onto a blind hole in the "filter/drier". It switches on at what seems too high a temperature. In my 1985, I have seen the fan come on when idling, and perhaps "about right". In my 1984, I haven't seen it come on while idling (fooling w/ car) even when the filter/drier tubes get almost too hot to touch and the AC blows too warm. When I manually turn on the fan (remove relay & jump 30 to 87), the "liquid tube" cools down and the AC starts working fine. I have several temp sensors I pulled at the junkyard I will test in a pot of water when I get a chance.

It could be a design problem, degradation over time, or a batch of bad after-market switches, since many people complain. RollGuy has a post showing how to wire a relay so the fan comes on whenever the AC clutch is engaged. Downside is the fan will then run even on the highway when not needed.
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