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Those of you who can't handle the snow should come and spend a few weeks in the middle of winter up here in Quebec.
A) Don't swet the white stuff, it will eventually go away by itself.
B)Don't shovel the white stuff. There are contractors all around (here) that will dig your driveway for close to nothing (Costs me $250.00 per year) with a ganrantee it will always be opened to the street.
C) Streets are never closed down here because of the snow. Municipalities do not want to give you an excuse not to go to work.
D) Summer tires are for summers. 4 seasons tires are not good in the winter and not better in the summer. Studded winter tires are the best.
E) Try to imagine 3 ft. of snow with a minus 35deg. temperature and blowing wind. That's winter
F) Winter is from early December to mid-April. Plenty of time to get used to it.
G) I have not seen my backyard lawn since early December. it is burried in about 5ft. of snow.The grass has not grown and my lawnmower is hibernating.
H) The pool has 4 ft. of solid ice in it.
G) The ground is frozen to a dept of about 5ft. Solid as concrete.
H) If you want the ultimate winter experience, have a look at (this site)
Have a nice winter.
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