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If you do a search on this subject, in either this subject forum (tech help) or in the wheels & tires subject forum you will find an enormous amount of suggestions. Personally, I use Nokian NRW snow tires on my '92 300TE 4Matic Wagon. They are terrific. The car goes through anything, and the 4Matic rarely even engages. My NRW's are now three years old and since I bought mine, Nokian has 'improved' them, so they are now a different tread design and are called the WR. Technically, the WR is an "all season" tire, but the Fin's use a winter tire as the basis for their all season whereas the USA manufacturers use a summer tire as the basis for their all seasons, so it is a squarer shouldered tire. Also, though the Nokian WR is an all season, it has the snowflke designation which is the international standard for a snow tire. And if you want a serious, dedicated snow tire that will get you through anything, especially deep snow, get yourself four Nokian Hakkepelita Q's. The Q is not a studded tire though it is available that way. My wife uses them, unstudded, on her Subaru Legacy and says that in the snow and slush the traction is unbelievable and they are pretty quiet on dry pavement, all things considered. The only drawback is the expense, about $100 per tire mounted and balanced. Their website is
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