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I agree with 95E320 ...

Have you bid on ebay before? Are you aware of how it all works?
I lost good bids because i didn't do it right. The bid is say $49 and you have say 4 days left. Stand by and add this auction to your watch list. Know exactly when it ends and then 2 minutes before it ends if no one else bids you can bid ...say $100 on it and make sure eBay does the bedding for you (it usually does) so it'll show you the highest bidder (assuming no one else bids) then you could get it for $49. if someone else already made a bid, then go for something like $180 for it. If someone else is waiting like you are, then he will try to outbids you, but with $5 price and no bidders i doubt it'll go that high at the end. My initial thought is to not risk it at all and send the seller an email asking him how much he wants to sell it right now? I sold many things on ebay to people that asked me to cancel my auctions and get direct money for itÖ it can be done especially if there were no bidders. If the guy wants $100 take it. This auction has no reserve that pretty much means the guy is happy with 50 bucks. Donít offer him anything, make him tell you what he wants. If you are comfortable waiting until end of auction then do what I mentioned above. Another way to look at this is if you could get it for 20% of the actual cost when it's new, then you got a bargain. so 20% of 900 is $180. So make that your top price when you bid and this baby is yours. you still saved hundreds on $$. Save them for something else to fix later just kidding! bottom line, if this part fits yours DON"T LOSE IT! Let me know how it all goes. After reading your initial post, I think you must win this auction
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