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Your input on a 300TD car rebuild???

This is a copy of a post I put in the Diesel section.

Well let me post here what I plan to do and get your input on what to look at in the car.
First a little backround. Is you may or may not have seen posted. I'm going to rebuild my front end on the 82 300TD. it has needed it for the last 3-4 years.
Let me go a bit further back to fill you in. I have owned the car since 1990. I bought it with 103,000 mi and now have 175,000.
I as well as the dealer maintained the car. Since about 95 It has just been an airport car and "truck" for the Home Depot runs.
I did have the timming chain replaced at 100,000 mi. and the tranny rebuilt in 90 when I bought it.
From the summer of 99 through the fall of 2002 My son and I rebuilt a 65 Mustang Fastback, Completely, What a job. So by the end of that I was pretty burnt out on working on cars. A 2.5 year restoration of a car is very fast and a lot of work.
September 11 hit our family pretty had, I'm a Captain with American Airlines. And since then My wife has dropped me off and picked me up at the airport. It gives us time together and we get to talk. She feels that she's doing something by driving me to the airport, and I don't mind. SOOO the car has not been driven since about last May. I have a leaking front left caliper. And the car did not want to accelerate past a certian RPM. It would go up to that rpm and stop any accelerating. Then when it would eventually shift it would accelerate some more. I checked the tranny and may have overfilled it. How do I know because some fluid leaked out the vent when I overfilled it. We have a 99 E300 that we are going to sell. With the Airline industry the way it is ( American may go bankrupt, maybe in June at the earliest. To prevent that they want the workers to give, think 30% pay cut) and a daughter going to College next Fall ( with a son at Oklahoma State University now) We decided that $935 a month in car payment and insurance could be cut since we have 4 cars sitting at the house.
What I plan on doing.

1. A complete front end rebuild. UCA, LCA, all rubber, springs, sway bar bushings, strut rod, steering linkages etc. etc. Then a 4 wheel alignment.

2. New front calipers, pads, rotors, hoses and bearings.

3. Rear suspension rebuild ( check the brakes) . Rubber and sway bar linkage.
This should be interesting trying to remove the rear suspension to access all the bushings. I feel a forum "search" comming on for this one

4. Flush the rear leveling system and change the filter. accumulators are 3 years old and should be ok.

5. Adjust the throttle linkage, It was suggested that this may be the acceleration problem.

6. Refering to the problem in 5 above. I will drain the fuel tank, replace the in tank filter, add biodiesel doctor, change the fuel filter and bleed the entire fuel system. Possible alge!!

7. Replace all fluid filters and fluids. Power steering, level system, tranny, rear end, oil and cooling.

8. Set the injection pump timming.

9. Adjust the valves.

10. Check the timing chain for wear and stretch.

11. Check all vacume systems for leaks.

12. Wax the poor girl, It's a little oxidized from being an outside car.

13. Clean up the interiors.

Any suggestions?????????
Any that you may have would be appreciated. We will start driving this car and the 560SL on a more regular basis. When my Daughter goes to College in the fall we will get rid of the 86 300SDL, unless we need it because i can't keep thisone going. Any traveling that we do to see the kids, We will probaly rent a car. We can get a car hear for $10 a day over the weekends, I'd rather put the milage on their car and save mine.


The fun ( think $$$$) will come in the spring when I have to repair the AC system. I converted to 134A but didn't flush the system ( yes the R-12 was evacuated), Soooooo It probably has to have everything replaced. I converted to 134A because I had a leak in the inside exchanger and didn't want to tear the dash out. Now I get to do that.

Actually I don't mind. I've begun to realize that the 300TD is becoming quite rare and I'm excited about rebuilding the girl and keeping her for quite sometime, along with the SL.
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