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I have been very happy with my car. Bought it with about 60k miles in December 01. Only real repair I have done is the water pump - about $700. My car had excellent service records from one dealer here in Dallas. Service included replacing wiring harness under warranty. Look for oil leak around head/valve gasket at rear of engine on the passenger side.

I am considering an aftermarket warranty for about $2,000 as insurance against air conditioning failure repair. Also, you will probably find the stock audio equipment to be insufficient, especially with the top down. Mine came with a really nice aftermarket from the previous owner. Also, I got from him the original Becker radio and speakers unused and boxed up nice and neat in case a future owner wants to return the car to stock.

Check the tires out. I will never put anything but Michelins on mine. You will find that this is not a real great handling car. It is designed for cruising in a straight line, I guess. You will find at higwhay speeds, the car squats down and the ride firms up. Kind of an autobahn cruiser.

I would think you would be able to get this car with relatively low miles for around $30g's.
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