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I know on my 1992 400E the ASR system is just useless for enhancing takeoff traction in the snow, its actually an hindrance. I have the Dunlop Winter Sport H rated and their a very good snow tire, a good ice tire and Iíve used/have these snow tires, and in comparison to the Dunlop: the Blizz WS 50 or 15 which is somewhat better in the snow, and is much better on ice. I also have the Blizz LM 22, which is good in the snow and better on the ice than the Dunlop. When concerning dry traction I would say the LM-22 and Dunlop about equal maybe the edge to the LM-22, the Blizz WS 15 on the dry at the best is just okay. As most people I just don't drive that hard with snow tires on, but where I live the H rated snow tire is the best choice for my cars.
Back to the ASR system on early MB cars, it needs an on/off switch; many drivers in the WV-PA area did a lot of complaining about the no go ASR system in the snow. Again, I agree with you that our ASR system is a no go in snow, the early systems had a lot of negative car reviews write-ups.
In my opinion if you want the best snow/ice tire it's the Blizz WS-15, but you will definetly give up dry handling. Also go to the German Car Club and review their winter tire test, the Dunlop is usually rated in the top three.
The good German Club site; once in the site, select 1. Test 2. Reifentests 3. Winterreifen 4. Then the tire size you want to review, when in that category if you select; i Alle Testergebnisse, that is the overall tire comparison chart.
Another recent German Magazine Winter tire test; when in the site select Test & Technik then Weitere tests and in that category your find several different tire test in different sizes

In these test the tire size performance is also interesting when comparing the different brands, on different cars.

Enjoy your drive, timreid
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