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New 300CE owner - what might leave me stranded?

I've recently purchased a very nice 1990 300CE (with the 3.2l CIS-E equiped engine), and need some advice on preventative maintanence. What I basically want to know is what things on these cars could possibly leave me STRANDED? I haven't seen complaints of radiator neck cracking or B2 piston problems like on the w126 cars, I have already familiarized myself with the OVP relay, and I know the t-chain isn't an issue, but is there anything I'm missing?

I want to trust this car as much as I trust my w123 diesel, which I know inside and out, so bring on the advice! Its time to start bonding with the coupe!

Thanks everyone.

'84 300D, 173k
'90 300CE, 162k
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