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My $0.02...

I think the Nokians are the best - period. I personally use Toyo Observe X-10 winter tires. They are excellent as well and much cheaper than the Nokians (though slightly more $ than the Alpins). I've also used everything from the Canadian Tire brand snow tires to Michelin Alpins to Blizzaks. The Nokians lasted a long time and kept their gripping ability over several seasons worth of driving. I found that both the Alpins and the Blizzaks were great at first but after a couple of seasons quickly lost their performance.

The Toyos have been great. I'm on my third season with them and they're still gripping very well. They're at about 50% tread but still performing, although this will be their last season. If I can afford Nokians I'd use them, if not it will be another pair of Toyos.

P.S. I live in Canada and frequently travel 500 Km+ a week on county roads which dish out everything from black ice to powder snow to packed snow to blowing snow, etc. I quickly learned that a set of good snow tires is a MUST for my 300E. It is simply not safe to drive on all-season tires in the winter with these cars, especially since tire technology has come such a long way.
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