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Is there hope?

Can I switch out that so call sort of defeat switch on my car to a true on/off switch? I've seen them for the 93-94 500E's but not for the 300 or 400E system. I've often wondered if I could just disconnect the system, but I would perfer a defeat switch. ASR is probably good for the average TODAYS driver, its sort of scary with the power coming back to autos.
I remember when I was sixteen, working as a grease monkey at my uncles Dodge/Plymouth dealership. He got a Cornet model in, a blue one, and he asked me to go fill her up; uncle John, the mechanics, local chief of police were watching me out the show room window (unknowly to me) and knowing I would gun it around the corner. Well I did notice a differnet sound to the engine, and as expected I did I gun the engine and the rear almost caught up with the front, yep it was a Hemi, and ASR did not save my butt. My uncle taught me how to drive fast with road manners. i loved those hemi's
enjoy your drive, timreid
1992 400E
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