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Yeah, I'm a big help. I actually did use my Jeep to unstick my MB (with a tow strap). Also a Volvo, a Honda, a 2wd pickup, and [strangely] a 4wd Explorer as well, so that method came to mind.

Crashing through that bank would probably eat your exhaust system, or worse. Perhaps you could use the Jeep to just pull or push the MB aside, then feed the Jeep's exhaust system to the snowbank instead.

Then again, you could move to my neighborhood.
I cleared the end of every driveway on my street and beyond, just to be neighborly, or so I thought... Then the gifts started pouring in... some cookies, a lasagna, a bottle of wine, a bottle of rum, and free use of a lift and hydraulic press for a couple of hours. Not a bad return!.
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