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am i a hypchondriac? 560sl question

I think that I am a hypochondriac when it comes to my cars. Especially my 560sl. I just had a number of hoses and clamps that stopped a dreaded leak(first thought it was seal or gasket) turned out to be a return valve from power steering. YEAH!

I have an intermittant problem though..most of the time my drivers side headlight doesn't work. Its the high beam light. It works sometimes. It is definitely not the bulb. I understand there is a possibility of this being a light relay box). Is this what you guys think is wrong. I could by a relay box but i don't wanna just through $ at it.

The car appears to have a LOT of exhaust. I haven't been driving the car much lately since my new MB purchase. The car has alot of STEAMY exhaust with lots of condensation. I just had it inspected and emissions passed with flying colors. I just started it and let it run to warm(5-10minutes) and the exhaust didn't stop. My temp in Charlotte is around 50degrees right now..and Charlotte is generally a humid place.

Many thanks in advance to your help!
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