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Wm. Lewallen
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How can I remove the ignition switch assembly from my 1982 300D-Turbo.I have removed the instrument cluster, the panel above the drivers feet and the 10mm screw that holds the clamp holding the locking rod that locks the steering. Also have removed the 13mm nuts that hold the steering column.(this lowered the steering column,but doesn't seem to help).It seems as if the steering lock rod is hung up in the housing of the steering column.
The key was not working too good so I used WD40 in the lock. Then the key would go in the lock but not turn. It will come out. After much jiggling I got the key to turn and unlock the steering, but it was very stiff. I left it in this position. I have also unplugged the starter switch on the rear of the assembly. I would like to replace the ignition lock tumber If i can get it out, or replace the complete ignition steeringlock assembly.
Now what do I do? Wm. Lewallen-Lex, Ky.

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