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92 300E won't start

Hey Guys,
driving home today my 92 300e started dying out on the freeway. It continued sputtering and slowing from 65mph til it stopped and it won't start again. I checked the following: I can hear the fuel pump and gas seems to be getting to the fuel distributor. When I loosened one of the injector lines on top of it fuel runs out. I also checked the fuse on top relay behind the battery, it is okay. I had somebody crank it over and I pulled a plug wire and spark seems to also be fine. I just removed the idle valve and those two lines seem to be connected to the intake. They are hard to see under there to be very sure and it is dark now. Is there an easier access? It seems like it wants to start only when you floor it and crank. Any tips are appreciated. Look forward to being on this site.

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