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Replace Thermostat Cover - 1993 190E

Car just came back from shop where head was baked and valve seats were reground. About 90 miles after return, noticed coolant smell. Stopped and saw crack in thermostat cover very close to one of the bolts with decent coolant leak My assuption is that the mechanic torqued down too much on the bolt. Seems kinda concidental otherwise. Problem is that I don't expect the mechanic to cover this problem due to poor relationship during the head repair. So...when he says much effort is it to replace the thermostat cover myself? Is it a delicate repair? Or a fairly straight-forward repair. I am assuming the latter.

I understand this is not an uncommon problem (its plastic) and also understand that for this year and model, I must purchase a thermostat cover with thermostat inside, although I would like to confirm that. Guess I also will likely need an o-ring, gasket, and sealent?

Any thoughts?

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