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csnow - thank you for your advice. I actually have the car jacked up in the opposite rear corner right now to drain the oil. It keeps coming out even though it had stopped draining when the car was level. I am going to try pretty much all of your suggestions. I will definately jack the car up the opposite way so that no oil gets to the plug.

I looked in the plug while it was draining and found that the threads were near gone. A testament to not using quick lube places to change the oil. I plan to take the dremel tool, another must have, lightly to the rim of the drain hole to stick to the edge of the adapter as you said and thus I spent half an hour getting the oil pan sparkling clean. I am using the adapter for the Fumoto valve which I am going to rough a bit as well. The inside of the pan is going to be roughed slightly with sandpaper and flushed afterwards. Again, metal particle paranoia. The pan luckily still has enough threading that the adapter can grab it if slightly. I am going to spend probably a good twenty minutes and twice as many q-tips to clean the threads inside. I have acetone which should do the job nicely. Thanks again for all the help. I will be attempting this all tommorow night, hopefully the problem will be fixed and I can move on to installing the Euro lights. Always have to have a project Thanks again all, the advice from those who know better than me on this forum has helped immensely. I'll provide an update once I get this all finished.
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