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Installed clear / red taillight lenses on my '93 W124, but...

Installed new '94-'95 clear/red taillight lenses on my 1993 W124, and realized that since the old W124 taillight lenses have amber for the blinker, the old bulb is clear and needs to be changed to an amber bulb to be legal.

I went back to the dealer and purchased new amber bulbs, but they can't be inserted into the "bulb holding plate" because the pins / nipples / bumps on the amber bulb are spaced apart differently.

When you compare the two bulbs, the clear bulb has two nipples on the base of the bulb that are exactly 180 degrees apart, and the amber bulb has the two pins that are spaced apart differently.

Is anyone aware of an amber bulb ( or a bulb that is clear but blinks amber) that has the pins spaced apart properly (180 degrees)?

Will it work if I file down one of the little bumps (or nipples), and will it stay in place and work?

Or, is it possible to replace the metal strip that holds the bulbs (bulb holding plate) from a '94-'95 without too much trouble?

Thanks for your help in advance....
Paul S.

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