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Johnson Chan
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I hope you had better luck with them than i did. When i was young and dumb i went there and they told me how great there service was.

long story short, i got there "signature line" top of the line paintjob for like $2000 and there was human hair in the paint! streaks, sanding marks, dust in the paint, and all sorts of defects AND they painted it the wrong color of black, it wasnt #199 (pearl black).

i ended up having to sue them because the entired paint job was flaking off WITHIN 1 year and the clear coat was completely gone so i my polishing pads were black and they WOULD NOT honor there warranty.

So i sued them and had the thing redone at the MB dealership. Just becareful and take some good before and after pics and keep your receipts. Goodluck...
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