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Hi gmask

Apologies for the delay in responding, have had computer problems at this end.

The Shell Petroleum website ( states that no pre-1976 Mercedes can run on unleaded petrol. Furthermore, if a car uses their Optimax fuel, and it doesn't have hardened valve seats one application of their 'Valvemaster' product is required per tank of petrol.

But, have you (or anyone out there) had experience in using the JC Whitney Carburetor Synchronizer (SKU 88ZX2792N) - this is the direct reading, dial type one on their web site? We intend purchasing one from the USA because very few people here understand what a carby synchronizer is (believe it or not) let alone have them for sale. The only thing available in Australia appears to be a poor quality English plastic unit. We'd be happy to hear of any tips in the using the Whitney product which appears to be of high quality. The unit appears to have a rubber skirt and fits a variety of carby shapes.

Dad checked the carby and we have no leaks on the carby so I'm still hoping that it's a simple adjustment.

Regards, Jennifer
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