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124 front wheel bearings

Hi all,

The front right wheel bearing on my '87 300D was loose last month and it was tightened by a reputable MB only shop in the area. They said the grease looked good and only tightened the bearing. Grease on the left side was good, too. (I had a problem with a tie rod that was probably putting a lot of extra forces on that wheel - toe was WAY out - so I think this is why that side had a problem. A few weeks before that there was no loosenes in the bearings).

Last night I was checking my wheels and the front right wheel bearing is loose again. The left side wheel can be hand spun VERY fast, but the right side requires more effort and does not spin as fast. I am wondering if I should retighten or replace the wheel bearings?

If I must replace, should I buy only the outer or inner bearing, or the entire kit? Is NTN better than Febi? The dust caps are in great shape and it looks like save some money. Does it make sense to only replace one side, or should I do both at the same time? Anybody now if there is a "Set" number I can buy locally? For example, a 380SE takes "Set 3" and "Set 5".

Thanks for your time,
Brian Toscano
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