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Dust Filter Replacement

Hello All,

I posted this on an old thread but wanted to repost it here for more visability.

Here's the deal:

Last Saturday I parked my car and shut it off before the wiper finished its downward return stroke, causing it to stop in the middle section of the drivers side of the windshield. I didn't think much about it then and left it. Well, we had a small snow and ice storm come through on Sunday and it froze the wiper in that position. My wife went out on Tuesday (didn't drive it on Monday) and started the car to warm it up. I come out 10 min. later and smell the distinct odor of burning electronics. I start hunting around and discover that the wiper motor is attempting to return the wiper to the idle position but can't thanks to the snow. I quickly cleared the windshield and the wiper was freed. Long story short (I know...too late) the wiper is still working but the smell of the burnt motor is still coming out, especially when the Heater is running. I looked around and there appears to be a filter of some kind that is visible from the engine compartment located just under the wiper. If that is the A/C dust filter, I'm wondering if the smell of the burning motor is trapped in it and it's being distributed throughout the cabin when the A/C/Heater is running. If so, I need to change it.

So, how hard is it to replace the filter and how much is the filter?

Also, if you think I'm barking up the wrong tree here on what's causing the smell...I'm all, eyes.

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